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We believe integrity is at the heart of our  individual and corporate actions.

Quality Driven

We focus on doing the right things and  no compromise on quality.  “Near Enough is never Good Enough”

Customer Orientated

We place our customer at the core of the  company’s business and ensure high quality services. “It begins and ends with our customer”

Effective Communication

We believe on engaged listening and open communication are essential for a productive and efficient workplace.

Cost Effectiveness

We empathizes on cost effectiveness for all activities, thus to be profitable and  meeting the change of market demands.


Together everyone achieves more and success will go hand-in-hand.

Human Development

We believe the best way to improve productivity is to provide an opportunity for people to learn and improve their personal skills, organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities that contribute to the work process and to be satisfied with their achievements.

STX Precision Sdn Bhd

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